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Poster for the Symposium
After organising a successful Mathematics Symposium I 2012, Varun and Yuvraj, two Students of Class 12, this time along with five of their friends organised The Mathematics Symposium II 2013. The event was Bigger and Better, as it was evident by the attendance. While the first event was attended by about 35 students from classes 9th to 10th, the second one witnessed an attendance of an overwhelming 100+ students, with active participation by all the students.
The organisers (all in white, from left to right): Harkirat, Akhilesh, Sidhant, Kartike, Varun, Shreyjeet and Yuvraj

Students discussing in groups
Organisers looking at students discussing
The students were first shown an introductory video and then given a 5-Question quiz which consisted of interesting Mathematics problems. The students were segregated into groups in which they had discussions about the problems. After the discussion within the groups, Sidhant, Varun and Yuvraj explained the problems to the students. Harkirat Singh Randhawa and Akhilesh Sharda were a part of the Technical team and helped in organising the event. Kartike Sachdeva was the head of the Technical team. Shreyjeet Singh Ahuja solely looked after the Creative Department.

 Mrs. Payal Makhija, teacher of class 9 and 10, was very helpful in making this event the success it was and she was the only Maths Teacher from the school to attend the event (unlike the first one, which was attended by 4 Maths teachers) as the organisers were able enough to manage the students and did not need any help from the teachers. 

Mrs. Payal Makhija (extreme left)

 After the quiz was done with. There was a discussion about the Nested Radicals and a Mathematics Problem named “The 3-Kids problem”, which will be put up on this blog very soon.
A student explaining a problem

Students keenly taking part in discussion

Following was the quiz prepared by the organisers:

Q1. After losing her basket of eggs, a mathematician files a complaint with the police. The policeman asks her for the number of eggs she had. She decides to give him a riddle and says that if she took three at a time out of it, she was left with 2, if she took five at a time, she was left with 3, and if she took seven at a time, she was left with 2. She then asks the policeman what is the minimum number of eggs she might have had?

Q2. In a 43*43 grid. what is the total number of squares in it?

Q3. Derive a relation between terms of Fibonacci and Bumped Fibonacci series. And hence give a formula to calculate the 100th term of the Bumped Fibonacci series.  Bumped Fibonacci problem

Q4. A box contains 100 balls of different colours: 28 red, 17 blue, 21 green, 10 black, 12 white and 12 yellow
balls. What is the smallest number n such that any n balls drawn from the box will contain at least 15 balls of the same colour.

Q5. A person born in 19th century was x years old in year x^2. In which year was he born?

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